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Terms of Service

Article 1 Introduction

  1. These Terms of Use set forth the terms and conditions of use for all music education services (hereinafter referred to as the “this service”) provided by the name of the school (hereinafter referred to as the “our school”).  All students (hereinafter referred to as “students”) shall use this service in accordance with this Agreement.

  2. Students of this service are a general term for our school members.

  3. In addition to this agreement, use and precautionary statements are provided in this service. These also constitute a substantial part of this agreement, so please read them together.

Article 2 About privacy

  1. Our school shall obtain from the students the minimum information necessary to provide this service. Our school pays maximum attention to the protection of privacy information obtained from students. Please refer to the privacy policy on our website for details on our approach to privacy.

Article 3 Membership Registration

  1. A member is an individual who has completed and transmitted the necessary information on the form for membership registration and has been approved by our school.

  2. If any of the following items apply, our school will not approve the membership registration for those who intend to become members at our discretion, and for those who have already been approved for membership registration, We may restrict the use of some or all of this service, or cancel the membership, and refuse to use this service at all thereafter. In addition, our school shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the student or a third party due to the same.
    (A) When the member registration details are false
    (B) If the student does not change the registration when the content is changed after the membership registration
    (C) When a member violates this agreement 
    (D) When a student does not use this service for a certain period of time even though he / she has registered as a member
    (E)  When we judge that it is inappropriate.

  3. Regardless of whether you join or leaves the membership, there is no cost other than monthly fee.

  4. Please contact your instructor or, when you leave.

Article 4 Monthly fee/Use

  1. Monthly lesson fees are paid in advance. You can reserve a lesson after confirming your payment. If the payment cannot be confirmed, the reservation cannot be made.

  2. The change of schedule on the day of the lesson will be treated as being absent on the day of the lesson, and the scheduled lesson will be consumed. If you contact the instructor in charge by 6:00 p.m (Japan time) the 2days before the scheduled lesson date, you can change it to another day.

  3. Basically, the monthly fee you have transferred cannot be refunded. Please transfer to the next month’s lesson.

  4. If you transfer lessons for the current month are transferred, the expiration date shall be until the end of the following month.

  5. In addition, please bear the costs for communication, location, etc., by yourself. 

  6. If you wish to resign or recess, contact the instructor in charge.

Article 5 Prohibition

  1. Members shall not commit in any of the following violations when using this service.
    (A)  Act that violates the privacy of instructors.
    (B)  Defamatory or insulting acts or acts that may interfere with our school’s business.
    (C)  Membership under the age of 18 requires parental consent. You cannot join without parent’s consent.

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