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Japanese singing lessons

You can feel the Japanese culture

and enjoy a vocal training.

Japanese vocal lesson top

Membership fee is free!

Reschedule OK!

Japanese yen only.

We are native
Japanse Speaker!

I like Japan!

Anison, Pops, Enka, Vocaloids...


Let’s experience the uniqueness of Japanese music!!


All you will need is an internet connection, and you can take our lessons by using a computer or phone or tablet!
If you are interested in learning languages, this is also a good opportunity to practice your conversation skills!


All of Instructors are native Japanese!!

We are active musicians, experienced composers, songwriters and vocalists of J-pop and Anime songs. Of course, We can talk in English.

We offer individual sessions so you can study at your own pace.
Many of our students have studied the pronunciation with Japanese songs.

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We provide lesson by using a free app called "Zoom"!

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We use the app called "Zoom". It's free app so it costs only monthly fee. You can try our free lesson for 50min.

If you are interested in our school, fill out following application form or contact us from

Class in session

In this lesson we'll be using the song "Sukiyaki Song" by Kyu Sakamoto.
We support people who can’t get opportunities to go to music schools or don’t have enough time to go out for learning.
We hope you can have fulfilling days through our lessons:)

P l a n s & P r i c e s

Monthly fee/ Individual lessons

*Price is Japanese “yen”.
*Enrollment fee no charge.

Payment can only made through PayPal.
We send you URL of PayPal and use it for payment.

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How to take our lessons

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1.Register (e-mail or Contact form)

2.Make a schedule

3.Contact you from 
our staff

4.Traial & Consultation

5.Admission & Payment (PayPal)

6.Let's start lessons!!

Application form
for free trial

You can make a reservation after 2days.






U s e r   V o i c e

User voice

Hungry Cat

It has been a really great experience learning with Tomo so far.


He's been really patient and attentive to my needs.

Most importantly, it's been fun !  Thank you so much ! 

【Instructor : tomo】 

User voice2


It has been almost 7 months since I started my singing lessons through Tomo. He has helped me a bunch with my singing techniques such as pitch recognition and proper articulation.

He is very patient, outgoing and easy to work with too! I am very grateful to have him as a singing coach!

【Instructor : tomo】 

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